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Benefit from dependable hot shot trucking services that bring you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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With years of experience serving hundreds of clients from an array of different industries, we have developed an effective strategy for allaying these and all other concerns.

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We understand that you seek a dedicated company that fully understands the importance of hot shot freight delivery – whether your hot shot truck needs to travel 400 miles right now or a critical industrial part requires immediate hot shot shipping by ground. We know that only a reliable and timely solution helps you meet the objectives of your business. Your most critical hot shot freight needs to be in the hands of Absolute Delivery, LLC. Our solutions include a range of options allowing your deadlines to be met and your business to succeed.


Absolute Delivery, LLC is lead by owner/operator John Scott. You need a trusted partner able to deliver your hot shot freight on time each and every time with services that are supported by genuine professionalism and our years of specific hot shot trucking industry expertise. At Absolute Delivery, we are uniquely positioned to assist with all of your hot shot freight service needs regardless of the size, freight origin and destination plus we couple that with our commitment to providing an outstanding level of customer service. We specialize in providing hot shot trucking services in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, we’re ready to help.